Your "Blue Zone" sailing holiday

Follow the Blue find the happiness


Why BlueZone?

The Blue Zones are places, where the World's Healthiest and oldest People live. Among these, Sardinia island in Italy and Icaria in Greece. There are few main things that people, in those zones, do in order to live healthier and longer lives: first of all moving regularly. Second aspect is to live with a purpose, having a reason to get up every day. More over it is very important to share experiences with others and have the support of friends and family.

"The Bluezone sailing" believes in the possibility to create new Blue areas. Starting from the Sea point of view, we would like to improve the sesibility of all people towards the Ecosystem. Offering the possibility to live and enjoy the beauty of the sea, while respecting and protecting it, for the future. Ecology and sustainability are very important principles for us. “Doing the right thing avoiding bad habits"
The Sea will make us live a better life in many ways.



are you ready?